Tiger lotus red

The Red Tiger Lotus (Nypmhaea Zenkeri) is an African stagnant water plant that is easy to keep and is widely used in aquariums. A beautiful African Lotus plant, brilliant red colors with spots. The leaves will start out low and some runners may extend with some leaves floating on the surface.

Cultures from northern China to South Africa regard lotus plants as sacred. Red tiger lotus (Nyphaeazenkeri) plants grow astonishingly quickly . If you buy a full size red tiger lotus. If we are low on big ones we will give you two smaller bloomed ones. We raise these up from bulbs ourselves. Anglicky: white Egyptian lotus , Egyptian white water-lily.

Planting red tiger lotus is a bit different from planting most other aquarium plants. This lotus grows from a small bulb, which is often sold and/or . Nymphaea lotus, a tropical waterlily species, is widespread in Africa. Imported as Nymphaea zenkeri and Tiger lotus from West Africa for a long time, it is the . When I brought it hope from the LFS, the root wad fell right off, and I figured the next. Both the Green and Red form of it. Red Tiger Lotus (Nymphaea Zenkeri) originates from West Africa where it is found growing in drainage ditches, the margins around lakes and ponds and other . Obviously you get a choice of colour, green or red , but occasionally you get an . The Tiger Lotus Red Nymphea Zenkeri Aquarium Plant, also known as the red tiger lotus, would look sweet in your freshwater aquarium! – of – Red Tiger Lotus Bulb Nymphaea Live Aquarium Plant Tropical Lily Fry Betta Water.

Push the bulb gently into the substrate in your aquarium, . – of – Tiger lotus bulb RED GREEN live tropical aquarium plant nymphaea. RED Zenkeri Tiger Lotus Nymphaea bulb live aquarium plant .