Portulaca grandiflora

PORTULACA GRANDIFLORA Hook. Tučnolistá letnička původem z Argentiny. Snese suché stanoviště (lépe chráněné před deštěm) i celodenní sluneční výheň. Vyhovuje ji písčitá půda a protože . Může se pěstovat na skalkách, suchých.

Nákup bez rizika: dní na vrácení.

Mapovanie výskytu na Slovensku. Family Name : Portulacaceae. Common Names : Japanese Rose, Moss Rose, Portulaca.

Chinese Name : 大花马齿笕, 午时花 . It takes tough guys like portulaca to survive the . The former have paddle-shaped leaves, not at all like. It is in flower from Jun to July, and the seeds ripen from Jul to . Studies of seed surfaces from specimens representing 100 . Portulaca is especially well-suited for growing in containers .

Má ráda slunné polohy a propustnou písčitou půdu. In an age where plant breeders vie with one another to produce bigger and better , more and more double flowers, the fact that there are still many folk around . Cultivated purslane is native to southern Brazil, Uruguay and northern Argentina, and is grown around the world as a garden annual. Rossi-Hassani B Bennani F, . Navy Blue HE2R (NBHE2R) up to . Moss rose is a prostrate, trailing, multi-branched annual with semisucculent stems and leaves. It is a very common house-plant in sunny places in India. More than days earlier to flower than other competing compact varieties . Sunseeker has a controlled plant habit and flowers early, with large, fully-double blooms that stay . Colorful blooms open when the sun shines bright!

The stems of succulent-like foliage may be upright or spreading and the blooms single or double, . Large showy double flower, profusely blooming with colours forming a lovely floral carpet. Popis: Šrucha je nízká letnička ideální na skalku. A betaxanthin-producing cell . Latinské slovo – portulaca grandiflora.

Překlad latinského slova portulaca grandiflora do českého jazyka, naleznete níže. Other articles where Rose moss is discussed: purslane: Rose moss (P. grandiflora ), a trailing fleshy species, is cultivated as a garden ornamental for its brightly .