Lonicera japonica halliana

Rostlina pochází z čeledi zimolezovité – Caprifoliaceae a rodu zimolez. Tato stálezelená až poloopadavá liána má bílé, trubkovité, silně vonné . The species should not be planted . Japanese honeysuckle (or Burmese honeysuckle) is a vigorous climber with long twining stems. Climber vigorous semi evergreen white yellow heavily scented flowers in summer needs support full sun or part.

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It is a hardy vigorous, dense, twining , . Evergreen-Deciduous: Semi-Evergreen. Plant Type: Ground Cover, Shrub, Vine. Overall Mature Size: Medium. Guaranteed best value, low prices, fast delivery, special offers.

Masses of highly scente pure-white, tubular flowers from April to August, ageing to yellow, and handsome, dark green leaves. Rapid growing spreading semi -deciduous vine. This vigorous, evergreen . Fragrant yellow and white flowers in summer .

Honeysuckles have highly scented flowers and they are a popular garden climbing plants, they add height and structure and can be evergreen or deciduous. Taille adulte (H x L): 6m x 3m. Période de floraison : Juillet, Août,. Visit Our Website To See Our Full Range of Honeysuckle Plant.

A form of the Japanese Honeysuckle that . Fast growing summer bloomer. Looks its best with an aggressive, annual pruning. An evergreen or semi evergreen climber with pure white fragrant flowers changing to yellow in summer. Meaning of lonicera japonica halliana and a memory aid (called Mnemonic) to retain that meaning for long time in our memory. Used as a vine or ground cover.

Flowers: Plentiful for months, in. Often invasive climber with deep green, oval shaped leaves, and pure white flowers . Lonicera – japonica – Halliana -Halls-Japanese-honeysuckle. Květy bíložluté s intenzivní vůní. Bylinková zahrádka od nás! Přijeďte si k nám vybrat rostliny pro vaši bylinkovou zahrádku či váš bylinkový koutek na terase: tymián, rozmarýn, oregáno, mátu, . A vigorous semi-evergreen that is not only used as a vine or groundcover, but can be trimmed into a hedge.

Very attractive to hummingbirds. Okrasné rastliny Popínavé rastliny Lonicera.

I planted this evergreen climber about 2- years ago.