Heuchera americana

Leaves are lobed and almost round and are often . It can form a ground cover over time. Saxifragaceae (Saxifrage Family). Find and other native plant research in our Trial Garden. The seed for this strain . This is a seed propagated strain selected by Dale Hendricks that is really fantastic and .

It is hardy to zone (UK) and is not frost tender. Deciduous forests, often on dry to moist banks and ravines. Typical plants of this species have the flowers regular or nearly so, and the petioles glabrous to very . Broad green leaves with silver overlay, darker green edges and red veination.

Coral Bells is an excellent foliage plant with deep-green leaves turning to purple, re and yellow in the fall. Heuchera americana is an evergreen Perennial growing to 0. Clusters of tiny, greenish-white, delicate flowers on . Students flourish in a supportive community .

Habitat: Rocky hardwood forests. Wildlife Value: Members of. This Coral Bells seed strain is a terrific foliage plant for adding a touch of colour towards the front of a shady garden.

It is one of the first Coral Bells from seed to . Deep olive green to purple- bronze, large, shiny leaves. Blooms late spring to early . Naleznete odstíny fialové, červené . This was selected by Dale Hendricks and is one of the . Fernald Taxonomic Serial No. It is an excellent drought tolerant ground cover for shady areas.

Please login to see pricing. This a very attractive plant with lobed heart shaped leaves that are mottled with bronze in the fall and winter. Has a greenish white flower in the summer, which . They often have attractive dark or silver markings. Alumroot leaves vary in shape and color. Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research Service.

Coral bells are easy to grow and blend easily with most other perennials in the landscape.

Because of their low, mounding habit, they are often used as edging .