Dicksonia antarctica

Mrazuodolnost: -12°C výška v dospělosti: až m. Nejznámější a nejmrazuodolnější stromová kapradina původem z Tasmánie. Australská stromová kapradina tvořící vzpřímený „kmen“ na jehož vrcholu rostou tmavězelené široké listy které často dosahují délky přes . Ferns that come from south east Australia that can grow to 12ft across, are evergreen and raise themselves up on fat trunks, sometimes to . It is a tropical fern that take the form of a tree. It has a shaggy trunk and ornamental foliage.

Dicksonia Antarctica care is easy. Diksonia Antarctica grows in areas . Members of this family are the tree ferns. They are terrestrial ferns and have an erect . SPECIAL DEAL – Usually 59.

Native to New Zealand and Australia, over time, this tree-like fern grows a thick mass of roots . It is hardy to zone (UK) and is frost tender. It somehow combines the filigree elegance of a fern with the size and presence of a tree .

We stock Tree Ferns in a wide range of sizes, up to a . From Australia and Tasmania this is probably the easiest tree fern to grow. It needs a sheltered spot in semi-shade and protection from strong winds. Origin: Australia Height: 4. Je to stromová kapradina pocházející z Austrálie, konkrétně ze států Nový . Ballarat plants home delivery buy for sale.

Notes: Updated for ITIS by the. DICKSONIA antarctica (porce). Vytváří vzpřímený kmen na . There are almost 4different species of ferns native to Australia! Tree ferns are a conspicuous element of many wet forests in Australia, and in increasing demand in export markets, but little is known about . Informace k dodání objednaných rostlin: Rostliny. A potentially large trunk-forming, deciduous fern found naturalised in woods, road banks and other shady places.

It also occurs as a relic of cultivation. Go To Encyclopedia of Life. Balantium antarcticum (Labill.) C. This name is a synonym of .