Chamaecyparis obtusa fernspray gold

Popis: Pomalu rostoucí kultivar jehož jehličí má zlatožlutou barvu. V dospělosti dorůstá do výšky a šířky 5m. Je to úžasná dřevinka do skalek na chráněné . Pronunciation: kam-e-SIP-a-ris ob-TU-sa. Máme pro Vás však několik tipů: Zkuste se podívat, zda .

Cupressaceae, the Cypress family. Each unique, flattened branch tapers to . A slow growing upright, gracefully arching shrub. The dark green foliage is highlighted with . Fernspray Gold Hinoki Cypress.

Plants assume a broa conical habit growing and are . Buy quality conifers online for fast UK delivery with a 2yr guarantee!

Characteristics Arching sprays of golden , fern like foliage are the main feature of this Japanese tree. Each flattened branch tapers to a point in a similar way to a . Flower Color is and blooms in. Hardiness zone 5a, 5b, 6a, 6b, 7a, . Krzew o dość silnym wzroście i szerokim stożko.

If your garden is lacking texture and color help is on the way. This dense and broadly upright Chamaecyparis is a moderate grower which tolerates. A very attractive, medium size conical bush with golden yellow, sometimes creamy foliage on spreading, . A small tree with arching branches of fern-like sprays of golden -yellow foliage. Conifère à cime plate et branches arqués.

A slow-growing tree with an open habit of dense clusters of fern-like golden foliage along its branches. Golden Hinoki False Cypress. Strinking gold new growth that picks up more green . Charles Campton Geneva Elgin Chicago Batavia Illinois IL at Wasco Nursery.

Rating: Thumbs Up No votes yet . An interesting form of the Hinoke Cypress.

It is a slow growing shrub, growing up to approximately 3M. Het is een laagblijvende struik met een . Zoeken: chamaecyparis obtusa fernspray gold. Classy, arching branches with golden , fern-like foliage decorate this Cypress.