Campanula latifolia

Plantae – rostliny oddělení Magnoliophyta – rostliny krytosemenné třída Rosopsida – vyšší dvouděložné . Campanulaceae – zvonkovité a . Greater Bellflower, Bellflower. It is in flower from Jul to August, . Dark blue-purple, bell-shaped flowers. Actually a native wild flower, this beautiful perennial can be .

CAMPANULA LATIFOLIA ALBA SEEDS – Plant World Seeds. This long lived clump-forming plant bears strong spikes of large, white funnel-shaped bell- flowers . Huge range of seeds, bulbs and plants available. Tracheliopsis latifolia (L.) Opiz, Drymocodon latifolium (L.) Fourr. Spires of large, long white bells are carried on upright , leafy . The leaves are nettle-shape but not . Makes a fine feature plant.

From basal clumps of rich green foliage ascend straight, stiff leafy stems topped with spikes of large, blue, tubular flowers. This bellflower is easy to grow, and it blooms the first year from seed.

The impressive stiff upright stems showcase the large elegant, pure white bell- shaped flowers of this campanula to perfection. This beautiful perennial plant can be found growing in the wild in the Himalayas, from Kashmir to Nepal. One of the taller types of Bellflower, this forms a bushy upright clump of deep green leaves. Large dangling bell-shaped blooms appear along the stems and to.

A showy, large Eurasian garden perennial collected persisting and spreading from cultivation onto a roadside in Gogebic Co. Wonderful and long-suffering bellflower Flowering stems to 4ft drip with long flared bells in a soft lavender blue. This native bellflower has particularly large, beautiful, bell-shaped flowers and therefore should be in every garden. It has a clump-forming and upright habit. Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research Service.

Vhodný do smíšených trvalkových výsadeb. Show All Show Tabs giant bellflower. O této stránce nejsou k dispozici žádné informace.

Classically elegant, unbranched vertical stems bearing large, bright purple bellflowers are just the thing to bring . Jména autorů, kteří taxon. Latinské slovo – campanula latifolia. Překlad latinského slova campanula latifolia do českého jazyka, naleznete níže. A large perennial herb of damp woodlan wooded riversides and hedgerows, usually on fertile, neutral or calcareous soils.

An ihren geraden Blütenstängeln sind die . Mapovanie výskytu na Slovensku.

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