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U nás nakoupíte japonské rostliny, jehličnany, listnáče, magnolie a další. Wings of Fire is developed out of an experiment by Henny Kolster from Boskoop. Out of curiosity he has collected seed from different types of . Leaves start out as a good. Caprifoliaceae – zimolezovité.

Large, broad leaves are bronze-colored from early summer to fall, intensified by the sun.

Doprava: speciální obal – expedice pondělí až . An exceptional shrub that stays compact, provides stunning seasonal color and is considered low maintenance. Beautiful magenta-lavender blooms appear in . Green foliage turns bronze in summer deepening to vivid red-orange. Tato rostlina bude určitě ozdobou vaší zahrady. Vhodný jako solitera nebo . Cool Autumn temperatures bring on bright-red foliage.

Lavender-pink flowers in Spring.

Fast growing and low maintenance. This versatile Spring blooming shrub displays lavender blooms against fantastic foliage that emerges lime green, then quickly . Objednat: Hodnocení: (). Fotografie zboží není k dipozici.

Velikost : B – rostliny úměrně větší a starší (=7Kč) . Krzewuszka cudowna WINGS OF FIRE PBR. Wyjątkowo cenna odmiana z uwagi na wysoką mrozoodporność, miniaturowy, gęsty pokrój i . Wiosną roślina wypuszcza liście w kolorze zielonym, które . Vaše hodnocení: Děkujeme za Vaše hodnocení! Vajgélie květnatá Wings of fire.

In spring, the leaves are light green and then quickly evolve to bronze. They turn red from the middle of summer, then take a . Weigela attractive for its foliage. Explore our plant database and build your plant list.

In het voorjaar zijn de grote bladeren groen . NURSERY KUROWSCY – all rights reserved. De hoogte na jaar is m.

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