Schizostylis coccinea

Nejlepší je přímo na břehu jezírka. Makes spreading patches of grassy-leafed shoots which send up slender spires of slim buds. Throughout autumn and mild days in winter they open glistening . They are great additions to the . Not often seen in gardens, this is a cousin to the Gladiolus, native to South Africa. Plants form a clump of narrow iris-like leaves, bearing short spikes of large, .

Afrika rozšíření v ČR: pěstovaný stanoviště: slunné, půda mokřady , smíšená s přídavkem rašeliny množení: hlízami plod: tobolka životnost: . Large, cup-shaped scarlet flowers open continuously over slowly running . This vigorously, clump forming plant requires sun and moist, fertile soil. Hesperantha is a cormous genus in the Iridaceae family from southern. It has grass-like, mid-green foliage, and. Has shiny, intensive coral-re open star-shaped flowers.

Likes well drained soil, but not too dry in summer. May bloom all winter in zones .

Atraktívna vlhkomilná rastlina s úzkymi listami a bielymi kvetmi na jeseň. Sort by popularity, Sort by newness. Hinter der Staude, die sich so unscheinbar mit ihrem Namen tarnt, steckt ein wahrer . Crimson Flag or Kaffir Lily – These plants can be found growing in clumps along the rivers of the . Perfect for growing in a container or pot. This Kaffir Lily is a great addition to late summer garden, it makes a . A summer sunset sky sums up the colours of this flower.

This delightful, but seldom grown corm from South Africa is looking the . Květy jsou většinou karmínově červené, nebo . It requires full sun, a very moisture retentive soil and can withstand temperatures down to -o C. Sword like foliage creates a lovely setting for . Gladiolus-like flowers stalks lined with simple cup to star shaped blooms brighten the autumn landscape. This deciduous groundcover of 50cm x 20cm loves moist conditions and it looks stunning next to a water features or pond. The beautiful, attractive star shaped . Show All Show Tabs Kaffir-lily.

Ze groeit er in moerassen. Schizostylis Coccinea or (Kaffir Lily).