Sagittaria latifolia

Anglicky: Arrowhead sagittaria. Slovensky: šípovka širolistá. PATKA ŠIROKOLISTÁ – SAGITTARIA LATIFOGLIA VLASTNOSTI nenáročná a velmi krásná dekorativní vodní rostlina, vyžadující bahenní substrát s dostatkem . The rhizomes, young leaves, young shoots and young inflorescences are all edible, but . Show All Show Tabs broadleaf arrowhead.

Canada to northern and western South America. It is in flower from Jul to September, . Aquatic with emerse floating, or submersed leaves. Each leaf arises on long stem from base. Numerous ovaries and stamens are present.

The flower occurs in several whorls of (2-per node) in a long, narrow terminal cluster. Attractive white flowers emerge mid to late summer. Common Arrowhead is found in very wet soils.

Another common name that is atributed to this species is . Wetland Indicator Status: OBL. Leaves: Highly variable in length and width. Parallel veination meeting in middle of leaf. Duck potato is a herbaceous perennial plant of marshy soils , producing clumps of stems – 60cm tall. The plant was a major food for the . Height: Up to inches tall.

Sagittaria latifolia Willd. Plant Morphology : Growth ForAn aquatic emergent. Roots: The rots are rough and develop starchy tubers. Foliage: The leaves are arranged in a rosette and . Broadleaf arrowhea Arrowhea Duckroot, Duck-potato , Wapato. Click on each individual photo to enlarge for full size preview.

Alismataceae (Water-Plantain Family). Použití: Zahradní rybníček – vlhký okraj, mělčina: Tato nenáročná rostlina vyrůstá z hlízy. Na jejích výhonech vyrůstají nové . Tolerates fluctuating water .

They are generally known as the arrowheads. A tough emergent plant the arrow head forms dense colonies in wet soils and deep muddy waters.