The phlebodium is an attractive, vigorous fern and it is easy to care for. The genus is closely related to . It is confined to the eastern side of the continents, extending . Archiv celkový habitus rostliny, BZ UK Praha. Likes slightly moist soil.

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DESCRIPTION: Large growing fern featuring upright blue-green fronds. Phlebodium Phlebodium má zvláštní mnohotvaré listy. The foliage is accentuated when planted against . Goldfoot fern, golden polypody. Polypodium aureum Linnaeus, Sp. Beautiful blue star ferns – these guys are one of the easier ferns to look after and look like seaweed!

They love light and lots of water and spritzing. Thread in the Houseplants forum forum by Mahuizoh: Hi, I recently acquired a Blue Star Fern, but it keeps losing its leaves and bluish color.

V případě, že o tuto rostlinu máte zájem, kontaktujte nás – kontaktní formulář. A web site containing information about the Flora of Zimbabwe. Toby, commonly known as a blue star fern due to his blue tinted leaves, is an easy to please houseplant making him a great choice for beginners. It thrives as a house plant, making it an attractive . Description: This is an epiphytic fern native to tropical and subtropical regions of the Americas. FlorAccess, the online platform for professional buyers.

To only tall with evergreen glaucous gray deeply lobed fronds . Het Latijnse woord Phelbs betekend nerf en aan de vorm van de plant is . Common Name: Cabbage palm fern. This is a small genus of ferns native to North America and South America. Go To Encyclopedia of Life. Lower United States of America Puerto Rico.

Světlé místo, ne přímé slunce. ONTOGENY OF THE SPORANGIUM OF PHLEBODIUM (POLYPODIUM) AUREUM. Gray Herbarium and Arnold Arboretum, Harvard . This easy to grow fern has deeply lobe almost papery leaves in a dusty blue- green hue that makes it a real show stopper. It prefers a spot with good to medium .