Lilium regale

It is native to the western part of . V Evropě je pěstována od roku . Lilium Regale Trumpet Lilies from the Gold Medal winning Harts Nursery. Disponuje zářivě bílými květy se žlutým hrdlem a narůžovělým okvětím z . It was introduced to England in. One of the most popular varieties of lily , and its not hard to see why.

Lilium regale is a trumpet flowered lily, native to western Sichuan in China. The huge trumpet-shaped white flowers are flushed with pink, smell divine and provide great . LILIUM REGALE SEEDS (Regal lily) – Plant World Seeds. This beautiful plant produces inch long funnel or trumpet shape large, white, yellow-throated . Rostlina kvete od června jasnými oranžovými květy. Its silvery leaves are lovely even before its regal crown of sweet-scented flowers appears, the first . A variety which has secured a truly amazing popularity.

A well-established plant will produce as many as fifteen large trumpet shaped flowers of white.

Shop Lily Regale Bulbs at J Parkers. Magestic white flushed and scente this Lilium reaches upto 1. Available to buy online in the . Well-drained soil is absolutely essential. Choose a sunny site where the plant can catch a little afternoon shade,.

Also known as the Regal Lily , this is not often seen in gardens, and deserves to be more widely grown. Wilson, Flora et Silva 3: 33 pl. Plants have immense flaring trumpet-shaped blooms with. This Chinese species is the easiest white lily to grow in most gardens.

In China, in the village Mao Xian, the surroundings were this lily species originally comes from, lilium Regale is planted on rooftops. People over there strongly . O stupeň zpět – Lilium – lilie. Pure white shaded yellow in the throat. Tall Trumpet Lilies these amazing Lily Bulbs produce large trumpet shaped fragrant flowers with a wine . Regal by name and by nature, this stunning plant is the very epitome of high summer.

Its white trumpet shaped flowers have a chrome-yellow throat and are . Profile picture of Kento Furui who took this action. PLEASE NOTE: THESE ARE HARVESTED LATE AND THEREFORE WILL NOT ARRIVE HERE UNTIL OCTOBER!

The most adored bulb group in the summer . Překlady z češtiny do angličtiny, francouzštiny, němčiny, španělštiny, .