Liatris spicata floristan violet

Widely grown as a commercial cut flower, this is selected from one of our native prairie wildflowers. Listy jsou úzké, čárkovité, zelené. Květy jsou v klasech, fialové barvy . Asteraceae – hvězdnicovité.

Původem je ze Severní Ameriky.

Wands of bright violet-purple flowers open from top to bottom. Narrow, opposite leaves are. Vzpříméné klasy květenství . One Portion is usually sufficient for approx.

Please switch to gram for larger quantities. Like the other well-known purple hybrid name Kobol Violet tolerates some shade, but it still prefers hot. Blazing star (also commonly called dense blazing star or marsh blazing star) is a tall, upright, clump-forming.

Another splendid variety of this valuable cut flower with lovely spires of violet-coloured blooms.

It has wands of bright violet-purple that open from top to bottom. A clumping rhizomatous winter dormant perennial. Rosettes of dense linear dark green glossy leaves.

At the end of Sumer tightly packed spikes of pink-purple . Bright violet purple, moderate growth rate, blooms early to late summer, 3-ft tall x 1. Kvetení: VI-VIII, fialová. Voda: nezamokřené stanoviště. Substrát: kvalitní hlubší zahradní zem.

Spikes of fluffy purple flowers bloom throughout the summer. Guaranteed best value, low prices, fast delivery, special offers. Spike-shaped flowers an curiously, the plant has the distinctive feature of flowering from the top to the bottom. Grows in a rich and well . Achetez en ligne, livraison rapide.

Floristan Violet is stunning Gayfeather with tall spikes of pinkish-purple flowers and. Le Genre Liatris : espèces (Amérique du nord). Plante tubéreuse ou rhizomateuse, à tige raide, peu feuillée.

Feuilles alternes, entières.

Perenni che formano ciuffi di foglie arcuate e caratteristiche lunghe infiorescenze a spiga su steli eretti. Si coltivano nelle bordure o in grandi gruppi isolati, .