Lantana je velká milovnice slunce. Její přednosti naplno vyzní v podobě stromkových keřů. Svou velikostí a množstvím květů se přizpůsobí . Typ: rostliny pro balkon a nádoby . Libora je stálezelený keř s nápadným květenstvím.

Rostlina pochází z tropických a subtropických oblastí Ameriky, kde dosahuje výšky několika metrů.

Na první pohled krásná rostlina s pestrobarevnými květy. Pod povrchem této krásy se však ukrývá hustý . They are native to tropical regions of the Americas. Find essential growing information on lantana , including: flower and foliage colors, height and width, seasonal features and special features. Grow lantana flowers in the garden or in containers. Declaration status: Class B and Class C. A rough-textured and usually prickly shrub with oppositely arranged leaves.

It is a Weed of National Significance.

Sometimes simple solutions can help solve big problems — and malaria is one of the biggest problems in the developing world. Department of Agriculture and Fisheries. Restricted invasive plant. Currently, lantana covers more than million ha of.

Our facilities boast more than 30sq. Additional Common Names: Shrub Verbena, Yellow Sage, Red Sage. Toxicity: Toxic to Dogs,. Skill Level: Experienced Exposure: Full sun.

Want blooms all summer for next to no work? Last summer I purchased a lantana at our local garden center. It was a mature flowering plant in a large 14-inch container, and it cost me $50. Learn about lantana care from the experts at HGTV. Discover tips for growing lantana , including ideas for pruning lantana.

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