Calathea makoyana

Discover what type of light, water and fertilizer this Calathea plant . Best planted in moist, shady . It is named for its striking foliage that purportedly . These Calathea are great for adding some contrast to landscaping dominated by green foliage. Calathea makoyana , commonly called peacock plant or cathedral windows is native to eastern Brazil.

The pale green leaves are . You are getting Calathea – Makoyana starter plant. Use as a House plant or outdoors in warm climate. Grown for its splendidly attractive leaves that are cms long and veined and have strongly contrasting feather-like stripes on them – with a paler mirror on the . Morren is an accepted name.

Produces clusters of small white flowers in Spring and Summer. Boom nomenclatural_code: ICBN scientific_name: Calathea.

All Calathea look very similar, but if you look close enough, they all have their own distinctive markings. O stupeň zpět – Calathea – kalátea. It is planted in the understory of tropical gardens or grown as a container plant . Marantaceae – marantovité rod Calathea – . Keeping the soil consistently moist. Foliage of the Calathea plant can be damaged by fluoride in water.

Collect rainwater for watering the houseplants, or use . This Weeks Attraction Find out more Stock Availability List Find out more Got an. Adds a stunning decorator touch indoors in a . Reaction in different situation. Bohužel se nám nepodařilo najít produkt calathea makoyana. No one has contributed a brief summary to this page yet.

Add a brief summary to this page . Peacock plant ( Calathea Makoyana ). Gallon – pack, Gallon – pack, Gallon.

Full Shade, Medium Shade, Partial . Indoor plants are beneficial to the home and office. Research has indicated that growing plants indoors can effectively assist in filtering and improving air quality. Tropical houseplant grown for their dramatic foliage, to inches tall. Leaves have a startling dark green pattern against . Add in lovely nature points to your interior using this lovable Botanica Calathea Makoyana. Embed more flora points to your interior with us today.

Rebecca Skinner Photography. In the evening, they roll up, whereas they make soft crackling sounds and in the morning they open up again. Some Calatheas put forth . Máte-li o tuto rostlinu zájem, kontaktujte nás.

Calthea Makoyana is a variety of Calthea plant that has dark underside and striped leaves.