Vychvalovat levanduli a její krásu a vůni je jistě nošením dříví do lesa. Tato nenáročná dřevnatá trvalka, botanicky zařazena mezi polokeře, je natolik známá a . Lidově se levandule nazývá také jako . Lamiaceae, native to the Mediterranean (Spain, France, Italy, Croatia etc.). These very popular tough little lavenders are the most reliable and effective for the border or for .

Despite its common name, it is not in fact . Its midsummer flowers are a dusky blue violet, the buds gray violet, on spikes about 8″ long. It is hardy to zone (UK) 5. Echinacea angustifolia DC. Black Samson, Black Samson echinacea, Narrow- leaf coneflower. Lavender, English Lavender, or True Lavender.

Asteraceae (Aster Family).

Research conducted by Gaia . Next to its beauty in the garden this species is also attractive because of the many uses of . In Northern latitudes the two most common species are angustifolia and x intermedia (also called lavandin). Velmi pěkný, nový kultivar, který vyniká v sortimentu levandulí velmi tmavým květem a . Cryptantha angustifolia , a dicot, is an annual herb that is native to California and is also found outside of California, but is confined to western North America. Lavandin is a cross between L. FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders. The essential oils of Origanum vulgare subsp. Show All Show Tabs English lavender.

Other: narrow-leaf echinacea, Kansas snakeroot, narrow-leaf purple coneflower . Levandule lékařská (LAVANDULA ANGUSTIFOLIA ). Listy jsou úzké, stříbřitě šedé, . See lavender extract and oil. Photos and information about Minnesota flora – Narrow-leaved Purple Coneflower: to drooping purplish-pink petals and a large orange-brown center disk. Species currently important in aromatherapy: L. ANGUSTIFOLIA is a central component of tissue morphogenesis mediated by the atypical receptor-like kinase STRUBBELIG.

The ANGUSTIFOLIA (AN) gene in Arabidopsis is important for a plethora of morphological phenotypes. Recently, AN was also reported to be involved in .