Abies koreana horstmann’s silberlocke

It forms a compact pyramid with particularly attractive dark green needles which . Please note the the Royal Horticultural Society lists this as, . Středně rostoucí jehličnatý strom, výška -m. Kultivar s výrazně prohnutými jehlicemi, můžeme tak z různých úhlů vidět výrazně stříbný rub jehlic. Abies koreana , commonly called Korean fir, is a compact, conical to pyramidal evergreen.

Korean fir is a handsome plant on its own with weird dark green needles that recurve to show.

Soil Conditions, Sandy or loamy soils. Drought Tolerance, Moderate. A special variety of Korean Fir. Leaves on all branches curl upward and back towards the stem.

Unlike most Korean firs that grow high in the mountains and prefer . The needles of this small, . Leaves (needles) curved upward and back showing their silver undersides. A beautiful fir that will stand out in any landscape! Korean fir has recurved green needles that show off gleaming, silver-white undersides to create a striking two-tone effect.

Has a growth rate of 6-per year. This cultivar is small and pyramid in shape. It features needles that are quite distinct. Is this a good buy or should I say goodbye and return it? A tough plant which handles all sorts of adverse con.

Purple cones that are up to three inches long appear the tree each year. Back to Top Love our plants but need help completing your landscape project Connect . Silberlocke means silver lock for the way the needles curl showing their silvery . Slow grower, only 3-per year. Avoid urban or streetside plantings.

Full Sun to Partial Shade. Family: Pinaceae Genus: Abies Specific Epithet: koreana. Fir FORTree HARDINESS: Varies within zones 3–SIZE: Varies by species.

A striking fir with needles that roll back around the branches revealing the white undersides. Plants develop into conical trees. Abies Koreana Silberlocke is a wonderful, bushy evergreen tree with year.

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A gleaming color and texture effect of uncommon beauty.